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Our Story

Would life ever be normal again after three sisters entered state custody? Where was home – or did they even have a home? The three frightened girls found themselves placed on Free Reign Farm where turning goat milk into soap was a way of life. Long talks while milking goats proved to be healing for these broken lives. As the girls learned to make soothing soaps, their fears were soothed with hope. In time, the girls were adopted into the family. This line of soaps is dedicated to these “Prairie Daughters” and their courageous journey home.

Our girls started to identify with “Little House on the Prairie” shortly after their adoption. One day they all decided to dress up as prairie girls for a craft show. Watching each of them take on the identity of young girls who could conquer any challenge with a strong family by their side and God leading their lives was amazing to see. Please remember these amazing Prairie Daughters as you enjoy each bar of goat milk soap.

Our Mission

A portion of every sale is donated to Youth Villages to help other children who are currently in foster care.

Prairie Daughters Goat Milk Soap Appreciation


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